Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to All Your Questions

Not sure about something? Want to learn more about what we do? Check out our list of frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us if you’d like to receive more information. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.


I am flying, what airport should I use?

Bear Camp is located 45 minutes from Bangor, ME so our recommendation is Bangor International Airport (BGR)

How do I get from the airport to camp?

We recommend renting a car. This will allow you to get to and from camp and explore Maine during your down time. 

  • You do NOT need a truck or SUV, we will take you to and from your hunting sites each day.

Where do I buy my hunting tags?

You can purchase your NON-Resident firearm or bow bear tags online or when you arrive in Maine for your hunt.

  • We suggest you swing by Wal-Mart in Bangor after you land to purchase your tags/licenses and purchase any food & beverages you might want for the week. Bangor is the biggest city near by & the best place to get those things.

How long do we hunt each day?

We start taking hunters to their stands around 2:30–3:00p and start picking up at dark (7:35 -7:45) unless notified that a bear is down.

  • If notified a bear is down, we will come & help you retrieve the animal

Is there a set schedule everyday?

We askk that you be ready for de-scent and to head to your stand no later than 3:00p each day.

  • Other than that you are free to do as you please prior to your hunt.

  • Your guides will go and bait/check cameras each morning to help ensure you have a successful hunt each day

What happens when I kill a bear?

Your guides will assist with the recovery of your bear and getting it back to camp

  • When back to camp with your bear you can:

    • You can utilize our game hoist to cape and quarter the bear your self

    • For a small fee, we are happy to help you quarter, package for travel (in your packing), and freeze until you leave.

    • All staff have years of experience in preparing animals for the taxidermist so if you choose for us to help once you have chosen the way you wish to mount your trophy you can rest assured it will be done correctly

What happens if we kill a bear the first day?

You have a couple of options:

  • Take time to explore what Maine has to offer

    • Camp is located about 45 minutes from the coast where there is lots to see and do.

  • We are also located in the heart of blueberry country

  • Pick up a fishing license

    • There are lots of great spots located near camp to fish and explore.

  • Depending on the week you are hunting, you can do some fall turkey or goose hunting as well.

  • The PM coyote permit is only $4 and a lot of fun.

  • You are welcome to head out anytime

    • There is no obligation to stay the week and are welcome to leave when you feel ready

Do you have a taxidermist you can recommend?

YES, we have several we can recommend should you decide to have your bear mounted here in Maine

  • If you plan to take your bear back to your home state and do not have a taxidermist we recommend asking friends and family for recommendations and asking the taxidermist for samples of their work prior to deciding.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Everyone is housed in our "bunkhouse"

  • There are two sides to the bunkhouse

  • Each side sleeps up to 6 people

  • Each week we only book 10 hunters so there will be space to accommodate any group up to 10 people

What facilities are included at camp?

  • ​"Bunkhouse"

  • 2 outdoor pavilions for eating with an outdoor kitchen.

  • Main house

    • This is where restrooms, showers, & laundry is located

  • Onsite WIFI

    • Please remember we are in the woods of Maine so the connection can be slow and unreliable at times